Cave of Crystals

Cave of Crystals

Cueva de los Cristales, Mexico- Think of it as Superman’s south of the border Fortess of Solitude. Translucent crystals as long as 36 feet, line the walls of the cave coming from every direction. Their weight is amazing, an immense 55 tons for the largest crystal discovered to date. Below the cave lies a magma chamber that heated water and minerals to allow the crystals to become their massive size. The cave was found by pumping water out of the ground near the town of Delicias, Mexico. The cave is being researched by a group of scientist known as the Naica Project. When research is complete the cave could be sealed again to allow the water levels to rise back up.


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I am currently attending Texas State University seeking to get a degree in Advertising. I like to workout, kayak, and play just about any type of sport. The outdoors and traveling the world are always on my mind.

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